Newcastle Brain & Spine Logo – 2020
Refreshed Logo

Logo Refresh

Newcastle Brain & Spine

Dr Hansen asked me to modernise his website and change some of the wording in his logo, so it was a great time to refresh the logo too!

Here is his original logo:

Newcastle Brain & Spine Original Logo
Original Logo

Dr Hansen is a cutting edge neurosurgeon and wants his visual identity to reflect that, unlike the original logo which looks a bit dated for a few reasons:

  • Trajan typeface – as an inscriptional typeface (designed to be etched in stone) it invokes old/historic feelings.
  • Use of drop shadow under the graphic.
  • Gradients and light reflections in the boxes.
  • Rounded corners of boxes.
  • Multiple colours.

Here’s an alternate version fixing some of those issues:

Newcastle Brain & Spine Alternate Logo
Alternate version

And even more modern looking versions:

Newcastle Brain & Spine Alternate Modern Logos
More modern options

We settled on a more modern but not too modern version, here it is on a dark background:

Newcastle Brain & Spine Logo on Dark BG – 2020
Chosen Logo