About Me

I recently moved from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to North Avoca on NSW’s Central Coast.

I started creating websites as a hobby when the internet emerged in the early nineties.

I studied science at uni and spent my twenties and half my thirties working for the EPA on NSW’s coastal lakes and estuaries. I’ve since left to work on Maxshmax amid fathering our newish little monkey Polly Jane.

I’m not an award winning artist or programming guru, but successful web design requires a combination of aesthetic and technical skills and I feel I have enough of both to produce effective and attractive sites.

I try to quote fairly for my clients and myself, and I believe my rates are very reasonable for this industry.

I’ll tell you if I can’t do it.

I don’t like disappointing people, especially if they’re paying me.

And I love surfing.

What am I like to work with?

I like to think I’m calm and patient, friendly, sensible and fair.

I know you know your business better than I do. I want us to guide each other.

I realise this stuff is alien to a lot of you – if you don’t understand something I know it’s not because you’re dumb, it’s because I haven’t explained it properly.

If you really really want something I’m happy to do it (check out this site).