Here’s what I do – what I think about and strive for…


The Look

  • Does it look good?
  • Does the look and feel match your brand?

The Content

  • Is the content concise and scannable?
  • Does it ‘sound like’ your brand?
  • Does it address visitors’ problems? Does it provide solutions?
  • Does it encourage them to do what you want?

The Interface

  • Are the main tasks easy to accomplish?
  • Are answers easy to find?
  • Is it easy to use, intuitive, logical, unfrustrating?

The Structure

  • What content goes where on each page? What pages are there? What sections are there?
  • Is the organisation, or ‘information architecture’, in line with the goals of your site and your business, as well as the goals of your visitors.
  • Are the most important messages in the most obvious places.


Putting it all together and making it work. This is often the bit referred to as ‘coding’. It involves…

  • Creating the HTML files or CMS templates.
  • Creating the CSS files that style your site.
  • Setting up any scripts and plugins required to make it function.
  • Putting the initial content in.

I’m considering…

  • If the site loads quickly.
  • If search engines can find and index it easily.
  • If it’s accessible to most people – can visually impaired people use it?
  • If I’m using the latest coding standards and best practices.