Websites and expectations vary wildly so it’s hard to indicate the cost of your site right now.

I’ll be happy to give you a quote once I know what you’re hoping for.


There are lots of options available – from super quick premade business card style sites right through to fully custom made sites based on extensive strategic research and planning.

If my quote for your desired site doesn’t match your budget we may still find a simpler solution that does.

Yearly costs

Owning a site also requires a couple of annual fees, I can organise these or you can, I charge…


$120au/year for 2GB of space and unlimited bandwidth.

2GB is usually plenty for websites, however if you need more space, for example if you want to store all your email messages on the server, here are the prices:

2GB $120/yr
5GB $160/yr
10GB $200/yr
20GB $240/yr
50GB $300/yr

Email Only Hosting

If you don’t need a site you can still have a professional email address.

You’ll need a domain. Then you can have as many addresses as you want, you just pay for the space:


* I can’t match the big companies for the higher storage tiers, depending on how many addresses you need you may be better off setting up Google G Suite or Microsoft 365 accounts.

If you don’t need to store all your messages on the server the smaller tiers are probably fine.


$40au/yr for .COM and .COM.AU domains.

Prices for other domain extensions provided on request.

Payment Terms

I charge by the year, just for simplicity, but if you want to cancel your hosting service early I’ll refund the appropriate amount.

Domain fees are not refundable.