Fuzzy ones. Yellow ones. Wonky ones. Ones with spots. You know the ones. Bad photos instantly sour your visitors’ impression of your site and your business.

I realise not everyone can afford to hire a photographer (you might be able to afford me), or buy expensive gear, but you’d be surprised how much a low quality image can be improved on the computer.

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Quick tip

For product and staff photos, try to take them where there is plenty of light, not direct sunshine, but try during the day next to a window. Your photos will start out much better than ones taken in a dim room under artificial light, so they’ll be quicker and easier to process on the computer.

I’m ready to go

I have an efficient image workflow set up using the latest programs from Adobe – if a batch of images need similar adjustments I can churn through them quite quickly.

Free trial

Send me one of your photos and I’ll try to improve it. (Please send the biggest version you have, preferably Raw!)

Form coming soon, for now just email it: heyyou@maxshmax.design