All websites that I host come with email included, as many addresses as you need.

But you don’t need a site to choose your own email address.

Email only

For the price of a domain registration + $48/year you can pick what’s after the @ and as many what’s befores as you want and keep them forever.

You can access your messages using any email program like Outlook or Apple Mail, or via your Webmail page in a browser. I can help set up your new account in your existing Gmail or Hotmail account too if you’d like.

More personal

Get one for yourself –, one for your son –, and your mother in law –, basically as many as you want for $48/year.

And you won’t have to change your email address every time you change your ISP.

More professional

Trying to clinch the deal using No chance. Hit em with Your sales team will need one too –, and your assistant –

No sales team? They don’t know that.