What I Do

Here’s a breakdown of what I do when creating a site, starting with the things I’m always striving for…

Things I think about…

  • Are the main tasks easy to accomplish? Are answers easy to find? Is it easy to use, intuitive, logical, unfrustrating?
  • Does it look good?
  • Does it load quickly?
  • Can search engines find and index it easily?
  • Will it be accessible to most people? For example will visually impaired people that use screen readers be able to easily navigate around the site?


The look of your site, of course

The layout. The colours. The typography and icons and graphics.

The organisation

More important than looks is the organisation – what content goes where on a page? What pages are there? What sections are there?

The organisation, or ‘information architecture’, depends on the goals of your site and your business, as well as the goals of your visitors.

Your most important messages should be in the most obvious places.

I think we should guide each other for this bit.


This is putting it all together and making it work. Making it fast and accessible.

This is often the bit referred to as ‘coding’. It involves creating the HTML files or CMS templates, as well as the CSS file(s) that style your site, and any other scripts required to achieve the desired functions of the site.

How a site is ‘coded’ can impact how fast and accessible your pages are, as well as what the big search engines think of them. I always try to comply with the latest standards and best practices.