Google & SEO

Do you want to be ranked at the top of Google? We all do – most niches are competitive now. And like any competition being the best is difficult, it takes a lot of effort.

I can help you with many aspects of SEO.

But before you employ me or anyone else I’d like to explain how Google works and what SEO is. I’m hoping to clarify why such effort is required to rank higher. I’d like you to have a better understanding of SEO so your expectations of the costs and the results are realistic, and to help you decide how to proceed.

Now Google is a complex beast so this section contains a lot of info, but I’ve created my Mini Google Guide if you want the quick version.

Offload it?

I realise the appeal of getting someone to take care of it all, but most attempts to improve rankings will also affect your website and your business so you should be involved in at least an advisory role.

Keep in mind

‘Conversion’ is just as important as SEO

Ranking high is pointless if your website isn’t working – if a thousand people look at your site today but none of them place an order or contact you then you should fix that too.

There are other options

The organic search results aren’t the only way to encourage visitors, traditional and online advertising might be more cost effective.

Get to it Max!

Let’s assume your site is great and you really want your site to rank better – the shortest guide I could muster is next, start there and then delve deeper if you want more info.