Why do you want a website?

What do you want your site to do? Get new clients or customers? Sell things online? Inform or inspire people?

And what will your visitors want?

Your visitors will have a goal, they’ll want to buy your products or find out about your business or whatever else, so we have to work out what they want and make it as easy as possible for them to get it.

Our decisions about your site should be based on the answers to those two questions. We can work together to create a site that will help your visitors and your business.

Your site should…

  • Be attractive – no one likes ugly sites.
  • Be easy to use – intuitive and user friendly, easy to navigate around.
  • Be search engine friendly.
  • Be accessible [easy to use for people with disabilities].

But most of all, your site should…

  • Help your business while giving your visitors what they came for!

Those first four points are my job, but the last one is the most important and we have to work together on that one.

Your content is crucial

What are you going to say and show people on your site?

People won’t stay at even the most beautiful site if the choice and organisation of its words and pictures aren’t interesting or relevant, if it doesn’t answer their questions.

We have to think about how your content will contribute to the outcomes you want from your site, and why your visitors will come in the first place.

So what’s first?

Start planning right now.

A well planned site focused on specific goals will be much more effective. My ‘Start Here‘ page lists some things to start thinking about.